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Adults-Only Trip to Disney’s Epcot

June 10, 2021

By: Tiffany Hutchinson

If you haven't ditched the kids and headed to Epcot for some grown-up time, you are missing out! A few years ago I would have never dreamed to leave my kids behind and head to Disney World- it was completely unimaginable.

It was the week of my husband and I's wedding anniversary and we had no idea what to do. We thought about just a dinner or a night on the town, maybe a trip to a beach or maybe the mountains. That is when we decided to try Disney World without the kids. Since it was the week of, and pretty last minute we decided to book at The Boardwalk Inn Club Level, because it was the only room available in the Epcot area resorts. The Boardwalk Inn has an amazing location and proximity to the World Showcase entrance of Epcot and it has a fun, yet very romantic vibe.

When we pulled into the guard gate I kept having twinges of guilt and sadness that the kids weren't with us. But after we entered the beautiful lobby we quickly felt this was perfect for adults and legitimized it by- “the kids wouldn't appreciate the beauty of this place properly.” We checked in and were escorted by the concierge to our Club Level villa, complete with its own scenic fenced-in garden. It was so beautiful that there was actually a wedding going on in the garden across from us.

After we settled in we decided to see what the club was all about. While there we had a drink and booked a dining reservation for that night for dinner at Le-Cellier the steakhouse in Canada. At dinner, we split an order of specially crafted Poutine and each had their divine cup of potato soup followed by perfectly cooked-mouth watering filet mignon. We probably should have shared all of it because it was a lot of food.

We sat and took in the sights and sounds in the UK as we enjoyed a Molsen from back in Canada and just talked uninterrupted which really helps with the immersion into the atmosphere. It was then that I realized Epcot is actually designed to go slower and to stop and smell the flowers. Something we rarely get to do between potty breaks, snacks, and keeping their body temperature perfect (if you know you know). While sitting in the courtyard at the UK, Mary Poppins walked by us to her meet and greet location she said "how do you do?" and gave us a proper head nod and the most lady-like wave ever. I admit I felt a tug of sadness thinking about what my kids would say or think at that moment seeing a character go by. But I also felt relief that we didn't have to stop what we were doing (relaxing) to follow her to get our pictures taken. Even if we wanted to, we could wait in line and not have impatient questions coming at us every 3 seconds.

We decided to check My Disney Experience and snagged a FastPass for Soarin so we went over there and rode it together. That's right- my husband and I rode on a big ride TOGETHER! I really loved that and the flexibility of snagging FastPasses and not having to plan to save steps. We also were able to see the shows in Canada and America which were really interesting for us and our kids, who, if you haven't caught on by now, are pretty young. Though they do LOVE Disney World and they do really well it is just SUCH a different experience without them.

We leisurely strolled around the entire World, stopping to look in shops and to try small plates and drinks along the way. We grabbed Spicy Margaritas in Mexico and found a nice railing to sit by and watched the fireworks show. Afterward it was so nice to just walk out the back gate of the park and down the wide path along the water back to the Boardwalk Inn. Once we got back we went to some of the fun places on the Boardwalk such as Jelly Rolls and The Abracadabra Bar.

Since on this particular trip, we stayed Club Level (HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing at least once) we went to the club in the am for their breakfast spread. It was so nice, it's essentially a continental breakfast with a beautiful presentation and some a-la-cart upgrades. I think it changes and is different depending on which resort club location. They also put different snacks out throughout the day and do a lunch tasting and a dinner tasting. So in all, they change out the food selection 4 times in the day. It is all complimentary and includes bottled water and some non-alcoholic & alcoholic beverages that you can take as you please.

There is so much to do around this area and there are 4 other resorts on the water around the Boardwalk and in the Epcot proximity- Beach Club, Yacht Club, The Swan, and the Dolphin. We have since taken 6 more trips without the kids to the Boardwalk Inn, minus the club level. Although I really want to do the Club Level at the Boardwalk Inn I really want to try the Club Level at other Deluxe resorts too like The Contemporary or The Animal Kingdom Lodge as I have heard they have unique offerings. I will update when I have experienced it first hand though.

Epcot has different festivals throughout the year and I honestly couldn't choose just one as my favorite. They are all done so well, NO ONE DOES IT LIKE DISNEY! If you are sneaking away on an adults trip to Epcot definitely try to go during a festival if you can. They have booklets for each festival where you can check off the limited-time offerings (food and drinks) you have experienced in each country from that particular festival. My husband and I personally like to drink around the world and I am sure you will see others on your journey around the world who are also trying this challenge. Our own personal challenges include drinking a drink in each country, talking in that country's accent and taking a selfie in each country. For this reason, the vibe in Epcot compared to other Disney parks is so laid back and just slower-paced, which I LOVE!

So pack your appetite and be ready for some fun- you won't be sorry you went without the kids to Disney World!

About me

I am a stay-at-home mom to 3 princesses in beautiful Sarasota, Fl just a tad over 2 hours south of Disney. My spirit princess is Cinderella and we LOVE all things Disney.

I hope to lead the way to a stress-free magical vacation and inspire an unforgettable Disney trip!

Tiffany Hutchison

If You Can Dream It Travel

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