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Plan the Best Walt Disney Vacation Ever!

April 25, 2020

By: Emily Salazar

So many times people are thinking about taking that Walt Disney World

vacation, but they don't know where to start.

I'm going to go step by step on how to plan that best Walt Disney World vacation.

I'm going give a general overview on planning the best Walt Disney World vacation ever. Every family is different.

Walt Disney World has an array of places that you can stay and experiences that you can purchase.

I want to start off with the time of year you want going to Walt Disney World and planning that best Walt Disney World vacation ever! Do you want to go during a holiday? Do you want to go during the summer heat? Keep those things in mind. Some people have a really hard time with the heat, so maybe going the summertime is not the best for you. Maybe going during Christmas time, but you'll deal with the crowds. It's kind of a give-and-take and there are crowds in the summer as well. It's not as crowded as it is in December such as the week of Christmas time. Now if you don't have children in school going the first week of December would probably be fantastic. The crowd levels are low, and it's beautiful. All of the Christmas decorations are up. I don't want to put summertime down. I work as an educator during the day. I go in this summer because that's just the best time for me to go. I can get great deals on airline tickets.

Who are you going to take on this trip? Are you going with just your immediate family? Do you want to invite extended family? I went with my children, my husband and my parents and it made our trip so extra special. I've also taken trips with extended family such as cousins and their children and it was wonderful. We had such a magical time.

Where are you going to stay? That is going to vary from family to family. I am going to leave that to you. I would recommend you staying on site. Staying at a Disney hotel is the way to go in my opinion. There are many resorts to choose from. I would definitely love to stay at the Polynesian.

How many days do you want to be in the parks? It's totally up to you. Do you want to experience all the parks and the water parks, or maybe just the four parks? The parks at Walt Disney World are Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. They are all fantastic parks. I would not leave one of them out. You can do some research online and you'll get different opinions about that.

The dining package is another way add to your vacation. Walt Disney World offers 4 options. All vary in price. It feels all- inclusive when you have the dining package.

Do you want to drive or do you want to fly? Well that depends how far away you live. I live in South Texas, so it's an 18 hour drive to Walt Disney World. Yes we've driven it before. Yes, we survived it. No, it wasn't that terrible. I would rather fly. Several non-stop flights to Orlando. Once you land, you head to the magical express and board your bus to the resort. It's super easy get on the bus arrive to your resort in a short time.

Final part of planning the best Disney World vacation is your frame of mind. You need to know that not everything is going to go perfect. You will do some walking. Disney World is several miles is size. You will still have a great time.

If you would like more information about planning, please email me at or visit

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