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Food Allergies (and Celiac 🚫🍞🙅🏻‍♀️) at Disney

By: Stefanie Fier

Traveling with food allergies can be hard, and knowing what’s safe for you and your family shouldn’t be keeping you up at night when you’re on vacation! As someone who has celiac, I know that “Can I eat there?” is always the big consideration while choosing a trip. This is why I love Disney so much! I’m happy to guide you and your family to safe options - and Disney has more than any place I’ve ever seen!

So, let’s talk about the top concerns of someone with food allergies, and see how Disney addresses them:

1. Cross-contamination

For me, the scariest part of dining out is when food service providers don’t really understand cross-contamination in food preparation areas, or even say it’s safe when

it’s really not! Disney World specially trains its staff to understand allergies, and can accommodate guests with various dietary needs. You always have the option of speaking directly to the chef - they’re great about accommodating dietary needs and will sometimes even make special treats that aren’t even on the menu! Even buffets can be conquered by the chefs making you a plate full of the items you want in the kitchen.

2. Limited food options

I hate going somewhere where I’m limited to sad salads. You may be

concerned that there won't be many food options available that meet your dietary requirements. However, Disney World has a TON of allergy-friendly restaurants and snack locations, and you can also request special meals at many of the restaurants! I get to enjoy treats at Disney that I can’t get anywhere else, including gluten free beignets, churros, and Dole whip!

Most importantly: You are allowed to bring your own food! Bring a protein bar, bring a lunch, bring a 5 course meal! You are absolutely allowed to bring any food you’d like into the parks (just nothing that requires heating, and no alcoholic beverages).

3. Food labeling

This one is especially important if you have multiple allergies. Disney is actually great about showing you ingredient binders, even at snack kiosks! There are also some great allergy-friendly pre-packaged snacks available for purchase.

4. Emergency response

You may be worried about how Disney World would handle an allergic reaction if one were to occur. Disney World has medical personnel available at all times, and its staff members are trained in emergency response procedures. Nurses and emergency responders are trained in EpiPen use, but guests with known conditions should always travel with their own supplies.

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