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The Wonderful World of Pin Trading

Welcome to the enchanting world of Disney Pin Trading! It’s a realm where colorful collectibles open doors to new friendships, magical moments, and cherished memories. In this post, I’ll share the history of this delightful hobby, my personal journey into pin trading, and some tips to help you start your own collection.

A Brief History of Disney Pin Trading: The phenomenon of Disney Pin Trading began in 1999 during the Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World. It was an instant sensation, capturing the hearts of Disney Park guests and spreading to Disneyland and Disney Parks across the globe. What started with a collection of 450 unique pins has now blossomed into a beloved tradition for Disney fans everywhere.

My Pin Story: My own love for Disney pins was kindled on a sunny afternoon in 2003, on the nostalgic streets of Main Street USA. At 13, I encountered the legendary Scoop Sanderson, whose lanyards were a treasure trove of Disney history. His invitation to a Pin Trading meeting was the catalyst for a passion that has grown over the years. Scoop gifted me a Baloo pin and his own signature pin—a rare collectible that I hold dear to this day. Over the years, my collection has expanded to over 100 pins, each with its own story and significance. My wife, though not as fervent a collector, has joined me in this delightful pursuit. Together, we’ve created a legacy of memories, one pin at a time.

Embarking on Your Disney Pin Trading Quest: If you’re eager to begin your own Disney Pin Trading adventure, here’s how to get started:

  1. Invest in a Lanyard Starter Kit: 

These kits are your first step into the trading world, offering a selection of pins to kickstart your collection.

  1. Engage with Cast Members: 

Seek out ‘Hidden Mickey’ pins, which are only available through trading with cast members and feature a subtle Mickey icon.

  1. Curate Your Collection: 

Let your interests guide you—be it attractions, characters, or movies, your collection should reflect your love for Disney.

Tips to Avoid Fake Pins:

  1. Check the Quality: 

Authentic Disney pins are well-made with clear details.

  1. Look for Official Markings: 

Genuine pins have specific markings on the back.

  1. Compare to Authentic Pins:

 Use an authentic pin for comparison if in doubt.

  1. Buy from Reputable Sellers: 

Stick to official sources to ensure authenticity.

Conclusion: Disney Pin Trading is more than a collection; it’s a living scrapbook of adventures, a community of like-minded spirits, and a testament to the enduring magic of Disney. As you embark on this journey, remember that each pin you collect or trade is a chapter in your own Disney story. The best way to start is by booking your next trip to a Disney destination like Walt Disney World. Contact me for a quote! My services are always free!

If You Can Dream it Travel

William O’Brien (The Rocketear)

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